Drum and Rap

Human-robot rap interaction

Keirzo is able to rap for any length of time with humans of any musical skill level, from professional rappers to non-musicians. Responding back to input phrases, rap, or just single words, Keirzo produces an original rap in real-time along with a groove. Check out the demo below.

One of Keirzo’s current features is to generate a 1 minute composition - a bass line, chords, harmony lines and lyrics - and then play and rap the new composition.

A human inputs three words, in the video below it was ‘music’, ‘drums’ and ‘future’. Audio files are then given to the musicians (or played back through speakers).

Keirzo has rapped and drummer live at multiple performances including:

  • Australasian Computer Music Conference, October 2023, Parramatta: Lunchtime interactions with conference attendees.
  • Parramatta Lanes Festival, October 2023: Four nights of rapping and drumming with general audience participation.
  • Arts after Dark, October 2023: Night performance hosted by Peter Greste.
  • Macquarie University Open Day, August 2023: Interacting with future students.
  • Macquarie University Lunchtime Creative Arts Showcase, April 2023: Presentation of the robot system.
  • 188C Installations, 2023: Demonstrations for MQ Outreach At Widening Participation Unit.